Some Good Advice

September 24, 2017

Yesterday, I stopped by We Can Code It and talked to Brian, one of the instructors there (he is also the guy my buddy introduced me to). I told him what I was going through and he explained to me that it was only because I'm new to coding. He said that I was trying to do it without any sort of help. This included trying to solve an exercise without any help from the instructor or trying to find an answer online. This was the wrong approach for someone that has no computer science background (or computer anything for that matter!). I realized that learning how to code is the same as learning a foreign language, If you were not brought up around it or did not have some kind of foundation to build on, you pretty much will be blabbering. So he advised that I just take it easy for the rest of the weekend and start fresh on Monday. He (as well as some of the students that had been working there) was very surprised what I was working on and that I was going to have a great head start on the rest of the class when it started. This gave me a great boost in confidence as this is what I was hoping to accomplish. So, I've just been relaxing and enjoying the weekend as instructed!

Hope everyone enjoys their week and I'll try to post more sometime soon!


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