The End And The Beginning

Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.

The past three days have been a whole roller-coaster of emotions, both happy and not-so-happy. While I’m excited for my future in IT and all the new opportunities it presents, I’m sad that this great journey with my new friends has come to an end.

Career Day

Employers from all over Columbus stopped by We Can Code IT’s campus for our career day. They watched as both groups presented their app, then asked specific questions on how we built it. Once the presentations were complete, we had a mixer that allowed the representatives to speak with us. It was very eye-opening to hear all the different ways that I can employ my talents in the workforce.


After the social mixer, everyone gathered for our “Final Checkout”, our graduation. Emotions ran high as one by one, we each spoke of how we felt about our experiences and each other. It was then that I realized our bootcamp was coming to an end and that I wouldn’t be seeing all these great people very much going forward. When the final checkout was done, some of us had to leave, while others stayed to celebrate and talk to each other one last time. I stayed behind to soak up as much as possible of what we had done, because to me, these types of moments rank way up there as far as accomplishments are concerned.

The Next Challenge

The next couple of days were spent drafting thank you emails to all of the employers and thinking about how to best approach my new career. This is by far the most stressful part of this entire process as the unknown can be a very big hurdle to overcome. However, because I have the support of my wife, I am able to do whatever is needed to get my new career started.

That’s all I have for this post, but I’ll be posting more frequently as my job search continues. I believe that this is probably the most important thing that folks are wondering when deciding whether to take the plunge in signing up for a bootcamp.

Happy holidays and thank you again for reading! See you all next time!


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