The First Two Weeks

October 8, 2017

So after a lot of worrying and nervousness, I started my first two weeks of the bootcamp and I must admit that being in that classroom with other like-minded adults made being there so much easier! I think the main reason for this is because we all come from different backgrounds and a lot of us don't have any coding experience. As the days went by, we had to rely on one another to get through each task as well as the the projects at the end of the week. The instructors were more than willing to help us out, but we are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of our classmates (as well as Googling the problem) before turning to them for help. This really helped me to get different perspectives to a problem I was working on. In fact, 2 of the biggest challenges I've had since I started this journey, were answered simply from talking to a couple of my classmates about a similar problem!

We receive a project at the end of every week and last weeks project went great. I had so much fun figuring out how to complete it and I was also blown away by all of the different solutions the other students used to complete the same project. This weeks project was a little tougher, but I still managed to get it done well ahead of time. I've been spending yesterday and today figuring out different things to add/modify the project. I look forward to seeing how different the other students' code is.

Last Sunday, I went to a tea shop to take part in a Go Club meeting. I was very happy to see a nice group of folks from all ages playing. I played a couple of games, but mostly just hung out and got to know everyone. I really enjoyed talking to Dillon (I believe), he's ten and is a lot stronger than I am at Go. I was hoping to stop by today, but ended up engulfed in my project. I'm sure they will be there next Sunday, so I'll see if I can stop by then.

This week, we are going to be learning more new things that I'm sure will be completely foreign to me. But I'm not too worried about it as the pace of learning is great and the support in my class is awesome!

I’ll update more soon, thanks for stopping by!


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