The Home Stretch

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Sorry that I have not posted in such a long time. These last few weeks have blown by and the end of the bootcamp has blindsided me completely. There's a lot to go over, so I'll get right to it!

The Last Solo Project

My last solo project was a great success! I managed to create a reviews site that was completely responsive and utilized Java's persistant API to keep track of the data that was entered into it as well as any subsequent imput. I had a lot of challenges with the Grid and Flexbox, but managed to get a handle on it and it worked out perfectly. It's not the most butifull site by any stretch of the imagination, but the concepts that I was able to employ were awesome and its something that I'm very proud of.

The Capstone Project

Once my solo project was complete, my class was split into two groups to do our capstone project. The interesting thing about this was that each person from the class needed to come up with and pitch an idea as a potential app for the groups to create. My pitch was an app to track fishing spots around the country using Google Maps and Tidal API information to forecast the best time to go fishing. It did not get chosen, but it's something that I'm going to be doing once the bootcamp is over.

The two apps that were chosen was a workspace app and a dinner planning app. The first uses Google Maps' API to find different IT workspaces in Columbus. The second (the team that I'm on) is an app that lets you pick different recipes that you want to cook, then utilizes Wal-Mart's API to list the prices for each ingredient in the recipe.

Agile and Scrum

Once we were in our teams, we utilized Agile principles and Scrum methodologies to work in 4 short development periods called "Sprints". Each Sprint lasted 3 days and entailed:

While we had a lot to get done and had a lot of differences of opinion about things, we still managed to get the project done and ready to be presented to employers.

Presentation Day and Graduation

December 15th (tomorrow) is our graduation day as well as the day that we present our project to potential employers. We did a dry-run of our presentation and for the most part, we did really well and will be even better come tomorrow.

Looking to the Future

Since we started the capstone project, I've been submitting my resume to different employers to get a feel for what is available in the work place, but have only received minimal response. While this did damper my spirits about wether I'd be able to get a coding job, I was told that most companies budges are determined in January, so things will probably pick up during that time. So, I'm optimistic about finding a job in my new career. I even received an email from a recruiter that, while he did tell me that I did not have what his company was looking for, he told me to keep at it and something will happen for me which I found very encouraging. Well, that's pretty much all for me. Next week I'll be meeting with the career services instructor to talk about my next steps in my career, so I'm looking forward to doing some big things soon!

Happy holidays and thank you again for reading! See you all next time!


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